Eye on Dance (Link)

"Two duets by Madhusmita Bora and Prerona Bhuyan showcased a complementary pair. Bhuyan, markedly younger and lengthily limbed, is a crisp mover with clear execution while Bora navigates her joints with freer romanticism. The first duet captures Sankardev's adolescent praise of Vishnu; the second, to a song by Madhabdev, honors a legendary war leader. Intense theatricality is balanced with subtle pure dance. The two are generally equidistant in all spatial configurations. If one solos, the other waits in stillness. Mudras flow like sign language, and when they swirl, there is no telling where they may end up."

The San Francisco Chronicle (Link)

"Sattriya (almost unknown in this country) found exquisite interpreters in Philadelphia's Madhusmita Bora and Prerona Bhuyan. The piece built into a mystic web of feelings."

The San Francisco Bay Guardian (Link)

"Intriguing in its use of unisons and rolling wrists, sattriya—performed by two women, one in pants—conveyed the gently rocking geniality of two friends on the road. I have to assume that the one with a hat was Lord Krishna. For those familiar with the mudras, Indian dance's gestural language, they were so beautifully clear that they were easy to follow. I recognized three for sure: a welcoming gesture, shooting an arrow, and riding a horse."

Main Line Times (Link)

"Dressed in her elegant attire to perform Sattriya—an ancient dance from Assam—Madhusmita Bora of the Sattriya Dance Company explained the unique history of the dance to the Bala Cynwyd students. She told them how, 600 years ago, a young man named Sankardev became a religious reformer who wanted to eliminate India's caste system, wrote Hindu texts for the common man and tried to simplify complex religious practices. One of his efforts to bring the stories of Lord Krishna to a wider audience was by creating dances that told religious tales."

Shruti Magazine (Link)

"The second day brought a touch of novelty. For the first time, Sattriya was presented at the St. Louis festival. It was an elegant presentation of the compositions of saint poet Sankardeva by Madhusmitha Bora, Prerona Bhuyan and Willow Swidler Notte."

India Post (Link)

"The dancers Madhusmita Bora and Prerona Bhuyan brought the valuable art of Sattriya for the first time to St. Louis."